What are Florida’s new alimony laws?

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Divorce is hard enough without having to figure out how you are going to rebuild your life. Alimony plays a big part in letting spouses have confidence in the future directly after divorce or separation. Florida has updated its alimony laws, and anyone facing divorce should be aware of them.

What are the factors that enter into an alimony judgment?

The court will take into account several factors designed to make an equitable decision. This may include the length of the marriage, the standard of living for each spouse, a spouse’s emotional or physical state, a spouse’s ability to learn and responsibilities to any children or other family members.

What is rehabilitative alimony?

This type of payment is designed to help spouses create, refine or update their skills and capacities with the goal of individuals earning on their own. Rehabilitative alimony is only awarded when a concrete plan to attend school, take a course or another way to improve earning ability is shown to the court.

What is permanent alimony?

The right question may, in fact, be “what was permanent alimony,” as Florida disallows this practice now in most cases. Permanent alimony was the practice of support payments continuing during a former spouse’s life. Now, alimony will only last a predetermined amount of time or end if the receiving spouse’s total income exceeds the payer’s income.

Do I need a lawyer to seek alimony?

A lawyer may not be a necessity, but legal representation can increase the chances of an alimony hearing or negotiation going your way. Consider an attorney to review your alimony claims.