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October 2018 Archives

Assets can become liabilities after divorce

Divorce is usually a messy emotional situation, but it can become especially contentious when disputes over large assets are involved. Many people feel they are entitled to the lion's share of a marriage's asset if it ends, and disagreements can turn toxic and last for years.

Do tax code changes matter to prenuptial agreements?

Prenuptial agreements can cause tension for an engaged couple. Everyone wants to think that their marriage will be bulletproof and there is no point in preparing for a future when it is ending. Although it is often difficult to create one, agreements often give more security than trepidation to new couples.

Florida lawsuit claims high level of child support

Divorce has become much more common in the last few decades, and divorce courts are more accustomed to dealing with the consequences of the ends of marriages. No one feels the effect of parents divorcing more than the children of the couple, and many laws govern how parents are expected to care for them.

A trained eye can prove invaluable when a spouse hides assets

Your marriage may have been like many others in which one person predominantly handled the finances. You probably didn't have much of an issue with this during your marriage since it took a burden off you. Besides, you felt as though your spouse was simply better with money than you were.