Prenuptial agreements adapt to new technological times

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Prenuptial agreements are widely considered a good idea, much in the same way that wills can avoid disagreements between surviving family members. There is something valuable in having the specifications of a relationship clearly spelled out for all parties to understand.

These agreements are also useful in the unfortunate event that a marriage is ended by one or both spouses. Since disputed divorces can turn nasty without expectation, specific requirements for how each spouse will adapt to the situation and behave during and after the divorce process can constrain these darker possibilities.

A new clause is becoming more popular in these time-tested contracts. The rise of social media and its penetration of our social lives has led to social media clauses in prenuptial agreements. Clauses can govern what aspects of a shared life each spouse may post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and related platforms.

This can also prevent any negative turn in social media during or after a divorce. Former spouses can be enjoined from posting embarrassing, inflammatory or private material or face injunctions such as court orders and penalties like heavy fines.

Opponents have argued this can constrain free speech, but prenuptial agreements are reserved to actions that would constitute real damage. It also tempers the immediate reaction to take to the internet during an emotionally traumatic episode.

An attorney can help assemble the right prenuptial agreement for a couple before they decide to tie the knot. Legal representation now can prevent the need to involve a lawyer with a divorce as much as otherwise, and each spouse can enter life’s greatest commitment with confidence and trust.