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August 2018 Archives

Do not let anger influence your decisions during divorce

You're getting divorced and you blame your spouse for the breakdown of the marriage. You're angry. You decide to take it out on them in court. You are fairly wealthy, after all, so you figure you have the resources to make life miserable for your ex.

Can you change a prenup?

You want to get a prenuptial agreement, and your significant other has agreed to it. Your only concern, though, is simply setting things in stone when your lives may significantly change in the years to come. Can you alter the prenup at a later date, or are you stuck with whatever you decide today?

Can an attorney benefit you during your divorce?

Like most people going through a divorce, this may be your first experience with the process, at least first hand. You may have stood by friends or family as they struggled through their divorces, but now you are on the inside, and it feels much different. First of all, you are emotionally invested, and you are likely feeling levels of confusion and anxiety you have never felt before.