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Month: August 2018

Can you change a prenup?

You want to get a prenuptial agreement, and your significant other has agreed to it. Your only concern, though, is simply setting things in stone when your lives may significantly change in the years to come. Can you alter the prenup at a later date, or are you stuck...

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Does alimony count as income for a mortgage?

After your divorce, you decide to stop renting and buy a house. You and your ex sold your house during the divorce, and you spent a year just renting an apartment while you got everything in order.Your ex was ordered to pay you alimony every month. It supplements the...

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What is your business really worth?

You and your spouse are getting a divorce, and your business is your largest asset. You own it together. You know that you do not want to continue to run it together, so your options are to sell the company or for one of you to buy out the other.Your spouse wants to...

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