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3 reasons to consider a postnup

Functionally, a postnuptial agreement is not all that different than a prenuptial agreement. It still deals with division of assets if the couple gets divorced, and both people have to sign it. The main difference, as the name implies, is that the prenup happens before the marriage and the postnup happens after the ceremony.

Putting assets in a trust may protect them during divorce

Are you about to get married and looking for ways to protect your personal assets? Perhaps your significant other does not want to sign a prenuptial agreement, but you worry about commingling your assets and then losing a portion of them in a divorce. What can you do?

Loss of job and other reasons to seek a change in child support

Florida readers know life is uncertain, and it continues to change long after your divorce is final. Whether you are the custodial parent or you make child support payments every month, there are times when it may be appropriate to seek an alteration to your child support order. This is a modification.