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June 2018 Archives

The different classifications of a 'father' according to the law

In the age of blended families, the circumstances that make a man a father have come a long way in recent decades. Blood ties are not necessarily required in order for a man to step into the role of protector, provider and parent. Even so, many men want their biological connections to a child recognized.

The big reason women are paying alimony more often

It used to be that alimony was almost exclusively paid to women after divorce. Their husbands were forced to pay for a variety of reasons, one of which is that women did not have the same ability to support themselves financially. They depended on the marriage for that support. Therefore, it seemed unfair to cut them off suddenly, making the divorce have a far more drastic negative impact on ex-wives than it did on ex-husbands.

The trouble with splitting up art during divorce

Trying to divide some assets during divorce is fairly easy, because finding out the value of those assets is simple. For instance, perhaps you bought a car for $50,000 and now it is worth $30,000. You can find plenty of comparable vehicles online in seconds to determine the value of the car.