Think of a prenup as a financial planning tool

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Wondering how you can possibly tell your significant other that you want a prenup? It’s tricky. Even though prenups are getting more popular, some of that negative stigma remains.

A good trick to use is to get in the right mindset and talk about it from a financial perspective. It’s just one more tool to plan for your future.

For instance, you and your soon-to-be spouse should also be talking about your investment portfolios, your retirement planning and any estate planning you’ve already done. This is on top of talking about income, job opportunities and family roles after you get married. You’ll probably want to make a budget and decide how you’ll share financial duties like paying the bills and setting up life insurance policies.

While you’re talking about all of these other factors, why not throw a prenup into the mix? You’re already looking at the assets that you’re both bringing to the marriage. You’re considering your future earnings. Do you also want to draft a prenup to protect those assets — on both sides, for you and your new spouse — in case of divorce?

Bringing it up this way makes it look like you are being responsible and considering all of your options, rather than telling your spouse you want a prenup because you do not think the marriage is going to work.

If you do decide to draft a prenup before you get married, make sure you know about all of the legal steps you need to take. Remember, the farther before the wedding day that you sign, the better.

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