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February 2018 Archives

Protecting your marriage with a prenuptial agreement

Marriage can provide many beautiful and worthwhile benefits to spouse's lives, but also presents many conflicts and great potential for destruction. No matter how sure of their relationship two spouses may be, it is never legally advisable to enter into marriage without proper legal protections for both sides. Those who think they do not need a prenuptial agreement may find they are sadly mistaken.

The answers you deserve regarding visitation

When faced with the probability of a divorce, many Florida parents likely have serious concerns about how often they will be able to see their children. Kids benefit when they have regular contact with both parents after divorce, and your visitation schedule should reflect this. The ultimate goal of any visitation or custody agreement should be in the best interests of your kids.

You’re not too young for a prenuptial agreement

As they approach marriage, many young couples begin planning their lives together without considering just how difficult marriages can become. In many cases, a couple may forego a prenuptial agreement that could strengthen or save their marriage because they assume they simply won't ever need it. Of course, just about anyone who is or has been married knows that this is wildly optimistic at best.

Balancing child's 'best interest' and 'standard of living'

The regular baseball season is still months off, but spring training is due to start later this month in Florida and other southern tier states. Not all the action is going to be on the field. For one Detroit Tigers player, being in Florida includes an ongoing legal dispute over child support. At the heart of the matter is application of Florida's "good fortune" child support provision.

It is not always clear who pays the bills during divorce

Divorce is often a complicated matter that can take months or more than a year to complete, especially if the marriage in question involves significant assets. In cases where a couple must take significant time to work out the details of the divorce, it can prove difficult to work out finances in the meantime to make sure that both parties remain afloat and do not suffer unnecessarily or accrue unacceptable debt.