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November 2017 Archives

Approaching the prenuptial agreement conversation

Many times, when a couple decides to get married, one party or another wants to work out a prenuptial agreement but just doesn't know how to approach the issue in conversation. This is a normal concern, and many people have legitimate, if misguided, objections to prenuptial agreements. For partners and fiancees who want a prenuptial agreement while their counterpart has reservations, it is important to understand how to frame a discussion of the issues at hand.

Do you have options when your ex won't pay alimony?

If you and your former spouse cannot seem to agree on spousal support issues, or if you believe that your former spouse is not delivering on his or her spousal support obligations, it can prove very, very frustrating. Many spouses who are owed support feel trapped without many options to compel their ex to pay the alimony they need to rebuild their life and move on.

Equitable distribution doesn't always mean equal distribution

If you are facing divorce, you likely have various concerns about what your life will look like after the process is complete. You also know that your post-divorce future hinges on the terms of your final divorce settlement, namely your property division order. It is useful to understand more about how Florida courts address marital property during a divorce. 

Is fair property division possible in divorce?

Property division during divorce may play out many different ways, depending on the individual factors in your marriage as well as the laws that Florida has in place that govern property division. Unlike some other states like California and Texas, Florida uses the "equitable distribution" model of property division. This means that a couple may divide assets and liabilities held within their marriage many different ways as long as both the spouses and the court agrees that the division is fair and legal.

How does a prenuptial agreement affect personal debt?

Being in any relationship is hard work, even in the best of circumstances. However, most of us face many hard lessons or unanticipated roadblocks on the way to a healthy relationship. If you and your future spouse are willing to approach marriage pragmatically, you can save yourselves a great deal of frustration and heartache, which serves to strengthen your marriage for the long haul. This is especially true if one or both spouses carry significant personal debt.

Protecting intellectual property with a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are excellent tools if you wish to protect tangible property or well-defined assets as separate property in your marriage. However, they are also very useful ways to protect intellectual property within marriage, which might prove useful to a number of individuals.