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How is the amount of alimony calculated?

When you hear "divorce," the first thing most people think of is "alimony." Alimony, or spousal support, is designed to support the lower-earning spouse after a divorce: the higher-earning partner provides money to the lower-earning partner so that they will receive a fair income until they are able to support themselves. This could be for several reasons: one partner may have spent more time taking care of the family rather than career-building, or the lower-earning partner might be unable to maintain their standard of living after divorce without support.

High asset divorces and where to file

When a couple with significant assets chooses to divorce, they may face a number of complicated issues that other couples never encounter. One of the most common complications is where to actually file for divorce, which may greatly affect the outcomes of the process. While many couples may think, "Of course I'm going to file my divorce where I live," many wealthy individuals may have grounds to claim residence in a number of places, and each of them may provide distinct advantages or disadvantages.

Will your prenuptial agreement hold up in court?

Prenuptial agreements are an excellent tool couples can use to strengthen their relationship and protect each other from pressures brought on by complicated assets. When used correctly, prenuptial agreements offer marriages many protections that allow the marriage to flourish through circumstances that may sink other less prepared marriages. However, sometimes one spouse attempts to use a prenuptial agreement to give him or herself an unfair advantage, or to wield control over the other spouse. This is usually a shortcut to a prenuptial agreement that does not hold up under the scrutiny of the court.

Are you sure your prenuptial agreement is valid?

On your wedding day in Florida, you may have felt excited and a bit nervous as you took the first steps in a new relationship that you were hoping would last your lifetime. Perhaps, you also felt quite confident that you had secured your assets and identified separate ownership of your business or savings account funds by signing a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. Those times may now be distant memories as 10 or more years have gone by and times (as well as your relationship) have changed.

How can I keep my high-asset divorce private?

For many couples undergoing a high-asset divorce, maintaining privacy is a very important matter. Often, when there are significant assets at stake in the divorce negotiations, it can suddenly become an issue of public interest, which is usually an unwelcome addition to any divorce. If you hope to maintain your privacy throughout your high-asset divorce, you must make it a priority as soon as possible.