Avoid emotional choices during a complex divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

Divorce is never pleasant, even if it is relieving. However, when the marriage involves significant assets, many spouses suddenly become unhealthy, unreasonable versions of themselves, making choices that they might not otherwise consider. If you face a high-asset divorce, you should be careful to get all the emotional and professional guidance you need to keep yourself healthy and avoid compromising decisions that could cost you immensely in the long run.

When life gets heavy and messy, many of us make rash decisions before we realize what we’re doing or the consequences those decisions may bring with them. Be sure to avoid making any decisions or promises if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Some spouses, in an effort to simply get the matter behind them, agree to divorce settlement terms that are exceptionally poor, leaving with them a much smaller portion of marital assets than they deserve.

On the other hand, some spouses choose to wage war on the other party receiving a cent more than they have to, often going to illegal lengths. If you find yourself tempted to hide assets or squander them so that your spouse cannot touch them, take a deep breath and consult with an attorney. While there are legal ways to protect your assets in many cases, breaking the law to stick it to your spouse in the divorce may backfire and turn a judge against you in the settlement negotiation.

High asset divorce does not have to be ugly or mean. Before you become overwhelmed by what your divorce could mean, consult with an experienced attorney who has years of practice dealing with complex divorces. Professional legal guidance keeps your rights protected while it also uses the law to secure you a fair divorce settlement so you can build a new life on the other side.

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