How to separate chaff from wheat when it comes to attorneys

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If you’re facing a situation that prompts you to seek legal assistance in Florida, chances are the topic is of some paramount importance in your personal or professional life — or both. When considering your options, you no doubt know there will be expenses involved if you hire an attorney. Just as when you purchase a car, a new TV or your dream house, you want to get the most for your money, so it’s logical you’d want to find a lawyer whose services best align with your particular needs and goals.

When you’re shopping for clothes, for instance, you can hold two shirts up next to each other to compare quality and price. This is obviously not possible when it comes to lawyers; that is, you can’t stand them up side by side to compare their qualifications. However, you can research as thoroughly as possible to determine which attorney appears to have what it takes to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

How to spot the good ones from the bad ones

When U.S. government authorities train Special Forces on how to recognize counterfeit money, they do so by having them study authentic currency. Such investigators learn every detail about real money. This allows them to spot fake money quickly. One can use this approach when recognizing good attorneys from those best avoided as well. Following is a brief list of characteristics and skills most good lawyers possess:

  • A good attorney is usually energetic and motivated. You won’t have to pull teeth to get him or her to take action.
  • Creativity is also characteristic of most good attorneys. They know how to think outside the box to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.
  • Good attorneys are great legal researchers. They’re not afraid to dig deep for answers and understand how to use research as a strategy-building tool.
  • Skilled negotiation is typically on the list of notable talents good attorneys have.
  • When hiring an attorney, you’ll likely want someone who is good at working with a team.

It goes without saying that an attorney who never returns your calls or emails, or keeps postponing meetings and delaying progress, may not be the best choice if your plan is to seek a positive solution to your problem as swiftly and economically as possible.

Especially in personal matters, such as prenuptial agreements or child custody problems, experienced guidance is often the key to success. If you explore your options using the above checklist, you will most likely be able to determine which attorney can be of the most assistance in your particular situation.