High asset divorce case coming to a close after 10 years

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When couples with significant assets divorce, it must be handled very carefully. The greater marital assets are within a marriage the greater the potential conflicts, which can lead to expensive, protracted legal warfare between spouses. Just such a legal disaster finally looks like it coming to a close after more than a decade since the divorce was officially filed. The divorce in question involves a business fortune that was partially used to found several world-renowned cancer treatment centers.

Although the couple at the heart of the dispute has been separated for nearly 10 years, deciding on a fair settlement has proven exceptionally difficult, with both sides crying foul at the other. The husband claims that the wife is seeking unfair support that will only go to subsidize an overinflated lifestyle, while the wife claims that she is intrinsically entitled to a significant portion of her husband’s business assets because of the practical contributions that she made to his success throughout the course of their marriage.

In many ways, the spectacle both typifies and exaggerates the dangers of high-asset divorce. The wife has sought what many would consider an absurdly large amount of monthly maintenance from her husband — around $400,000. In most circumstances, one might look at that number and do a sit-com spit take, spewing the morning coffee across their toast. However, the issues at stake are fundamental marriage issues — namely, that the wife has a reasonable vested interest in the success of her husband because of the many ways that her contributions and counsel in the home directly contributed to his exceptional success.

Whether your divorce may also include many millions of dollars or not, it is crucial to seek out legal guidance who understands the intricacies of high asset divorce and the unique challenges it presents. With proper legal guidance, you can rest assured that your divorce can be truly fair and equitable while keeping your rights secure.

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