Celebrity child support is still contentious

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Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean that you are immune from child support laws that effect the rest of us. Recently, singer and actor Marc Anthony lost a legal battle over increasing child support payments to his former wife and Miss Universe winner Dayanara Torres. Under the terms of the case, the former beauty queen sought significant increases to her children’s already robust support payments, claiming that the disparity in the quality of her home and Anthony’s was upsetting to her children.

The case resulted in a win for Torres, compelling Anthony to more than double his previous payments of child support for the two sons he fathered with the pageant winner, from roughly $6,500 per month to over $14,000 per month. The mother and winner of the case noted that this award was more than she had initially sought.

The case brings to light the complicated nature of dealing with ongoing child support throughout the course of a child’s upbringing. As a child grows, his or her needs may change, necessitating fluctuations in support. Also, if the paying party’s income changes drastically from the time that support is first calculated, then the parent with primary custody may reasonably pursue additional support to reflect and increase. Likewise, if the paying party loses a significant amount of income, it is possible to seek a reduction in child support to make the arrangement more tenable. As always, it is important to remember that child support is the right of a child, not the right of a parent, and should not affect visitation rights.

If you are struggling with a complex child support payment scenario, especially if you a high-earning individual with an above average child support obligation, it is crucial to get the legal guidance you need to ensure that your child truly has what he or she needs and deserves without your assets being abused by the other parent. With proper legal guidance, you can care for your child and protect your rights.

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