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February 2017 Archives

Socialite couple accomplish surprisingly smooth divorce

Divorce, when approached poorly, can be dehumanizing and draining for everyone involved, leaving both spouses deflated and in financial ruins. Sure, it's a worst-case scenario, but it does happen. However, it truly does not have to be that way. Take for example two Miami socialites who recently split, making a point to do so amicably, despite the millions of dollars in assets that could have kept an army of lawyers busy for many years.

Where could my spouse be hiding assets?

One of the most contentious parts of a divorce is the division of assets. This can be particularly true when there is a lot of money and property on the line. In these high-asset divorces, a comprehensive and accurate accounting of assets will be crucial in ensuring that the division of marital assets is equitable, or fair.

Protecting your business in divorce may require sacrifice

Protecting your business in a divorce is never a simple matter. In the eyes of the law, a marriage is as much a business relationship itself as a personal one, and can make any further business ventures quite complicated when it comes time to split. Of course, the most effective way to protect as business from a marriage is to create a prenuptial agreement that addresses the issue beforehand. However, for many business owners, the dream doesn't take shape and get off the ground until well after the marriage is underway.

Governor's Budget Offers No Help For Those Seeking Child Support

In an article written by its Editorial Board, the Sun Sentinel came out with a strongly worded critique of Governor Rick Scott's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board was particularly upset that the budget called for $83.5 million in spending -- a record amount -- but that no funds were earmarked for helping families in need of legal assistance.

Forensic accountants help ensure fair dealings

If you are facing divorce with a child in the equation, you may find yourself at odds with your former spouse on nearly every front. While many parents are able to work together to create a fair parenting and child support plan for the future, some parents act out in surprisingly selfish ways and attempt to hide assets or potential sources of income to avoid having them used for child support and alimony calculations. If you believe you may be in such a situation, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of a forensic accountant.

What should be covered by child support?

When it comes to calculating child support, especially for high earners, one of the most common issues that comes up is "yes — but should child support really pay for that?" While it can be a tough pill to swallow for those writing the checks, the blow may be somewhat softened knowing that the range of things that may legitimately be covered by child support according to the law is quite extensive. Many conflicts over child support stem from a misunderstanding of who child support is for. Ultimately, even though it is paid to a parent, child support is the right of the child, and should be used across many areas of the child's upbringing.