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January 2017 Archives

The Equitable Division Of Invaluable Art

Any artwork collected - or created - during a couple's marriage is subject to division should they get divorced. This is problematic. Artworks fluctuate in value greatly and often. Determining a piece's true worth any given moment can be incredibly complex. As such, figuring out how to distribute a collection equitably is, for many, a source of anxiety.

What cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are finally shaking off a long history of poor public opinion, and with good reason. Many couples who marry now recognize that a well-crafted prenuptial agreement can alleviate many of the tensions that tear down a marriage, and ultimately make the relationship stronger and more likely to succeed. It is important, however, to understand that a prenuptial agreement cannot be used for just any purpose. If you are considering creating a such an agreement, it is wise to familiarize yourself with what it cannot legally cover.

Child support and unrealized income

For the purposes of calculating child support payments, the concept of "income" is often defined just about as broadly as possible. This can create a tricky situation for the parent who is being tasked with providing regular child support, especially when in comes to the matter of unrealized income and child support. In these cases, income that exists in theory or on paper, but is not in a liquid form, may be counted as income for child support purposes, and increase the providing parent's child support obligation to an untenable figure. After all, making a monthly payment based on money you don't actually have or cannot access can be quite the setback.

Florida alimony laws may finally change this year

For Floridians, one of the perennial issues that seems to come around every few legislative cycles is alimony — and 2017 is shaping up to be just such a cycle. Although alimony reforms featured prominently in 2016, and an alimony bill did make it through the legislature, it was vetoed at the Governor's desk and sent back to square one.

Prenups protect children when you remarry

For one reason or another, some individuals remain unrelentingly optimistic about the future, even after difficult experiences. While this is an admirable trait, it is one that must be tempered by wisdom. If you are entering into a second (or third, or fourth) marriage, and especially if you have children, it is absolutely vital that you consider creating a prenuptial agreement.