Millennials are taking over the prenup

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Each new generation alters the landscape of public thought in its own way. The emergence of millennials as an influential group has sprung up in one surprising area — prenuptial agreements.

Millennials often bear the brunt of bewildered head-shaking from older generations who seem to have forgotten how they were also once the generation their elders were sure would remain rudderless and without clear purpose in life. One way that this demographic group is bucking this assessment is by the much more pragmatic approach that millennials bring to marriage. In general, they approach the age-old institution with less eagerness, as many choose to wait until later in life to get married.

On top of waiting longer to marry, many millennials are appropriating the prenuptial agreement as a part of their pre-wedding plans, rewriting the story on this useful tool for protecting assets in a marriage. Even more fascinating are the protections for which they are seeking, opting to clarify ownership of less tangible things like intellectual properties, creative projects and entrepreneurial endeavors over more typically material items.

Inheritances and stakes in family-owned businesses are still featured prominently in many millennials’ prenuptial agreements, however, as these documents can be specifically tailored to reflect the couple’s needs.

Prenuptial agreements can be a wonderful way to remove many forms of stress from your relationship before entering into a marriage. If you are ready to draft the perfect document for the unique circumstances of your relationship, the guidance of our experienced attorneys can help ensure that your marriage is set up for success, protecting the intentions and rights of you and your spouse-to-be.