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Young couples using prenuptial agreements more than before

People who have been around the block a few times may say that careless love is for the young. The youngest generation to be married right now, however, is being less careless with love than their parents may have been.

Prenuptial agreements, previously thought only to concern the rich and famous, are now becoming the norm as more "millennials," generally born in the 1980s, are opting for the premarital document. These agreements can cover everything from the division of marital property to the disposition of a family pet in the case of a divorce.

Can't pay your child support? You have options

Child support is important for the care of your children, but there may be a time when you are unable to make these payments. This does not make you a bad parent or diminish your rights in any way, but it does mean you may benefit from considering certain legal options. When making your payments is not possible, it might be prudent to seek a modification of your child support order.

As Florida readers know, circumstances continue to change long after a divorce or custody order is final. Sometimes, through factors beyond your control, you may experience a decrease in income, which will affect your ability to meet your obligations. Instead of simply not paying or assuming there is nothing you can do, you can work for changes that will allow you to continue to support your kids according to your current financial circumstances. 

When is good fortune child support part of a divorce?

There are very few problems related to having a lot of money. It is rare that someone thinks he or she has too much capital on hand, but large bank accounts and other assets can prove a complication if a pair of former spouses is fighting over how to support their children.

What makes child support different for rich people?

Protecting your assets during property division

If your marriage is over, you may be doing a lot of thinking about what your post-divorce life will look like, especially if you have considerable assets on the table. You may have concerns about your spouse obtaining more than a fair share of your marital assets, particularly if you have worked hard before and during your marriage to achieve the level of financial success you enjoy.

Before the divorce process begins, you can take certain steps to protect your assets. Taking these precautions may not only allow you a better chance of getting a fair divorce order, but it may also allow the process to move more quickly, potentially saving you the cost of a prolonged divorce.

What are Florida's new alimony laws?

Divorce is hard enough without having to figure out how you are going to rebuild your life. Alimony plays a big part in letting spouses have confidence in the future directly after divorce or separation. Florida has updated its alimony laws, and anyone facing divorce should be aware of them.

What are the factors that enter into an alimony judgment?

Improving your chances for a successful custody order

If you and your child's other parent have not been able to reach a custody agreement that satisfies everyone, you may be heading to court. Unfortunately, this means you may be giving up a lot of the control you may have had over the decisions affecting your child's custody.

You can take certain steps to improve the chances of reaching your goals in front of a judge. When everything else is equal, sometimes it is the little things you do that can have the greatest influence on the court.

Assets can become liabilities after divorce

Divorce is usually a messy emotional situation, but it can become especially contentious when disputes over large assets are involved. Many people feel they are entitled to the lion's share of a marriage's asset if it ends, and disagreements can turn toxic and last for years.

Prenuptial agreements can often help clear up divisions, although many couples have an aversion to considering the possible end of a marriage before it even begins. People who are bringing large assets to or are assuming large debts through marriage may want more legal protection.

Do tax code changes matter to prenuptial agreements?

Prenuptial agreements can cause tension for an engaged couple. Everyone wants to think that their marriage will be bulletproof and there is no point in preparing for a future when it is ending. Although it is often difficult to create one, agreements often give more security than trepidation to new couples.

The world of marital law is buzzing around changes to the tax code that imply a revolution in finance during and after divorce. This means that people writing prenuptial agreements should pay attention to the new directions that tax law is taking.

Florida lawsuit claims high level of child support

Divorce has become much more common in the last few decades, and divorce courts are more accustomed to dealing with the consequences of the ends of marriages. No one feels the effect of parents divorcing more than the children of the couple, and many laws govern how parents are expected to care for them.

Florida recognizes the concept of good fortune child support, which is an allowance for considering the excessive wealth or income of a parent. Even if a parent can easily cover the financial necessities of his or her child, the court can require a higher level of support to reflect the available assets.

How will alimony change at the end of 2018?

No one begins a relationship thinking of how it may end. As a result, many people may feel unprepared or lost if the time has come to separate and file for divorce.

The laws of Florida and the United States help separating spouses by laying out the process for proper legal divorces. Sometimes, the laws will change to adapt to contemporary needs, and people should take note of how it may affect their future.