Fort Myers Child Custody Attorneys

It is every child's right to have frequent and continued contact with both parents. Additionally, in Florida both parents have the right to a say in the major decision making for their children, particularly concerning education and health care. During a divorce, decision-making rights, as well as custody and visitation decisions are determined through a parenting plan.

At Rubinstein & Holz, we assist clients with a wide range of family law issues, including establishing and modifying parenting plans. We understand what is at stake during a divorce, particularly with regard to your children. Attorneys Rubinstein and Holz will take the time to explain your options for legal and physical custody and help you make the best decisions for your children.

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Experienced Lee County Visitation Attorneys

Often people are unsure of their rights regarding visitation, particularly as the noncustodial parent. They also may not know how to deal with time sharing disagreements or differing opinions regarding decision making for their children.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our Fort Myers child custody lawyers can address any questions or concerns you may have and represent you in establishing or modifying parenting plans or enforcement actions.

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