Emotional Response of Parties to Dissolution of Marriage

The breakup of your marriage carries with it emotional consequences for each member of your family that remain in their thoughts and feelings for the remainder of their lives.

Through the court system, specific arrangements are made for financial matters (and when children of minor age are involved, child support, & parental responsibility). Underlying the focal impact of these judicial decisions are many feelings on your part. Some relating directly to questions to which the Court addresses itself while others deal with feelings that are not directly addressed by the Court.

Some matters that are not directly addressed by the Court deal with the emotional aspects of the dissolution proceedings.

Often the most painful part of a dissolution proceeding and the most anger provoking emotion that an individual can have is that of rejection. Rejection leads to anger at the person who is doing the rejecting. When that person is not present, the anger is often turned elsewhere. Some anger may be turned inward where it is experienced as sadness and/or depression. This sadness and/or depression can also be caused by the loss of the hopes which you have invested in the marriage, hopes left over from dreams and fantasies of childhood and adolescence; hopes due to the over investment in your marital partner, that is, the tendency to overlook the imperfections in those we love and to exaggerate their positive features.